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At the very beginning was the sea. When the sea was gone, the first men came to tell their stories at the walls of the caves. Time passed and this land became Brasil. Then was the time for the expeditioners that crossed mountains in search for gold, leaving behind them, memories and remembrances on their way. Where one day was the sea, nowadays it is a river. Cipó. Sinuous, wriggling itself through stone walls. It has named the Serra (mountain ridge). Serra do Cipó. A huge natural garden of infinity beauty that has been sculpted throughout 1.7 billion years. A profusion of colors and forms to regale the eyes, the heart and the soul.

Rare flowers, which are found only here. Animals at risk of extinction. Sharpened granite obelisks. Quartzite rocky walls, made of sand deposited at the bottom of an antique sea.

A hundred thousand hectares of environmental protection area, 34 thousand inside the National Park of Serra do Cipó, assuring life on the diversity of the cerrado (brazilian bioma), rupestrian fields, woods, canyons, caves, archaeological sites that keep water spring, rivers of clear crystal water, natural pools, rapids and waterfalls to have a refreshing shower after a good walking.