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In a valley at the foot of the mountain , surrounded by green fields of purest beauty, there is a place of peace, fun and coziness.

A place to be at ease, to feel at home, to live delightful moments in the midst of a live and exuberant nature.


Imagine the green of the fields coloring your eyes. The bird songs enchanting your ears. The mountain air cleaning your breath.

Imagine the clear water washing you soul. The softest breeze touching your skin heated by the sun.

Imagine the mild silence of a starry night lighting up your eyes and a delicious cold weather welcoming your dreams.

Don’t imagine anymore. Come live Rancho Cipó.


What to do

To relax

Heat and fresh water
Time to Sauna and Swimming Pool.

Vapor Sauna perfumed with eucalyptus or lemon balm
Swimming Pool – Adult and Child

To move yourself

Ball this way, Shuttlecock that way
Time to tennis, volley and shuttlecock

Clay Tennis Court
Volley and Shuttlecock Sand Court

To Have Fun

Come on board
Time to play

Board games, card games, ping-pong table, football table, snooker table

To Venture

A whole mountain ridge at your disposal
Time to tours and adventure sports

Mountain bike, horseback riding, canoeing, rappel, zip line, trekking, climbing, canyoning


The Kitchen

When the dawn comes to the fields, the scents from the kitchen invades the air.

A table faden with deligths of Minas cuisine. Cakes, breads, biscuits, juices and jelly made from seasonal fruits. A mouth-watering breakfast, with a homemade taste.

For the hunger that comes throughout he day, or in the dead of night, snacks, sandwiches, soups and pastes, made with love by our talented native cooks.


Protecting Serra do Cipó is a way to be sure that all that beauty will continue to exist for a long time. It is to assure that we can keep enjoying all that diversity and exuberance.

Rancho Cipó Inn replants native and endemic plants from local flora in its own garden, heat you with the generous and abundant solar energy, protect the ground and the rivers with an organic tank, support research projects about the region and employs workers from the local commun.